How to use the HP printer app to print your own artwork

You can now print your art on a printer.HP announced Tuesday it will make the HP ProLiant printer available as an in-app purchase in the next few weeks for $9.99.It will be available for Apple Watch, Android Wear and Android phones starting in October.The printer will be priced at $1,199.95.The ProLion printer is the latest of a long line of […]

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What’s in the wallpaper print from the HP printer app?

HP’s new printer app allows you to print with your phone and tablet, and even have your photo taken with it.If you’re an Apple fan, you can try the new iPhone app from 10am on Thursday morning.There’s also a companion app for Windows 10 PCs and tablets.HP says the new wallpaper print comes from the iPhone app, and you can […]

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