The final season of Sons of Anarchy has been officially announced and the season is officially titled “Season 2.”

The new season will be the first time the show will air with an all-new, fully-scripted storyline.

The show’s creator and executive producer, Kurt Sutter, and stars Brandon Routh, Alexis Bledel, Kiefer Sutherland, Lili Reinhart, and more were recently spotted at Comic-Con.

The cast also revealed a trailer and other information about the season’s new episodes, including a few more details about the characters.

“We wanted to have the season continue with the same tone and characters we started with, and we’ve found the right balance between the two,” Sutter told EW.

“It’s a lot more interesting and different than the first season, and it’s also the most fun.

I can’t wait to see how the characters come back and what we get out of it.”

Sutter also confirmed the series will not have a “second season” and the new season’s title will remain the same.

“The first season was the biggest season I’ve ever done, and I’m really excited about it, but the season 2 is going to be a new season,” he said.

“Season 1 was the first series to have a storyline, and the series finale was the beginning of that storyline.

We’re going to keep the show’s tone and the characters and focus on the big picture.”

Season 2 of Sons will follow a new, all-female crew led by Angel, who was recently portrayed by Alexis Bdedel.

The season will also include a brand-new female character, Sarah, played by Lili Rehberg.

The new cast will also reunite for an upcoming episode, titled “The One With The Long Road,” which is scheduled to air on April 1.

Season 2 will also feature a brand new female character named Kaitlin (Lili Reinhardt), who will play Angel’s girlfriend, Kelly (Alexis Bleder).

“The season 2 finale is a very big moment for the characters, and a lot of people are going to have to find their place in the world,” Suter said.

The second season of the series was originally slated to air in 2018, but Sutter has now moved the premiere date to 2019.

Sutter previously announced that Season 2 would not be a continuation of the second season.

“I think that [a] lot of fans are looking forward to it, and there’s definitely going to come a time when we’ll start to do another season of it,” he told EW in 2017.

“But I’m also not going to make the promise of another season just because I feel like I’ve made one, and [I’ll] always make that promise.”

Season 3 of the show was previously scheduled to premiere in 2019, but has since been pushed back to 2021.

Suter and the rest of the cast will return to the series in 2019.

“There’s going to [be] a new crew of Angel and Kaitlins, and new characters, new stories, and they’ll be exploring a lot bigger and deeper questions,” Sitter said at Comic Con.

“They’re going into a new chapter, but that chapter will also be bigger and more interesting than any we’ve ever experienced before.

I hope that everyone who’s been a fan of the franchise, if you haven’t seen it, will come back to it.”

Season 4 of the TV series will also air in 2019 with a new cast led by Kaitlyn (Lil Rehburts), played by Alexis Routh.

“A lot of the new cast members are going into this new chapter of the story, and Kael is going into her first year as a new captain in the Hellmouth,” Sizer said at the event.

“She’s coming into a world of danger, and she’s trying to figure out how she’s going avenge the death of her father, and how she can keep it all together.

And the new characters that we’ve introduced this season, that’s going into new places.”

Season 5 of the Sons of Angels series will be set in 2019 and will be “a lot darker, more personal, and emotional,” Siter said at his Comic Con announcement.

“This will be our first season that we’re going in and out of the Hellhole with Kait’s character, Angel, and her son, Jason.

So we’re really excited to see where this all takes us.”

“Sons” will return for its fifth season on June 1, 2020.

The third season of “Sins” will be available on Hulu and Amazon Video, as well as on Netflix, for its first season.

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