How to buy 3D printing stocks

With the market frothing over the arrival of the iPhone 6s, stocks of printers, 3D printers and other hardware accessories are skyrocketing.So too are prices, which are up about 5 percent over the past year.The surge is driven by demand for printers and printers that can produce 3D models.That’s driven by the rise in 3D-printing applications, such as digital inkjet […]

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How to buy a cheap cheap printer for $30,000 from China: a primer

The price of a cheap laptop in China can be as low as $30 for a basic one, but a good-quality, high-end printer can easily reach upwards of $500.So what makes a cheap printer, and how can you buy one?Here’s everything you need to know about buying a cheap desktop printer and what you’ll need to do if you can’t […]

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