What you need to know about vista print label

When it comes to the vista printer, the name is a bit misleading: It’s a paper-wrapped tube of fabric that can be printed on a printer.It’s not actually a printer that produces a printable product.Rather, it’s a machine that takes a sheet of paper and folds it in half.That sheet is then used to create a printed image of a […]

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How a 4D printer saved me $5,000 and more in the process

My job is to design, manufacture, and ship a high-tech filament printer.I have a couple of clients who are interested in a print for a particular product, and so I have to design and manufacture the printer.This is a challenging job, but I’ve learned that it is an opportunity that I could not turn down.I’m a bit of a geek, […]

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2D printing software is changing the world

2D printers are about to get their biggest step yet in a major technology revolution: The next big step in manufacturing is being used for 3D printing.For the first time, printers will be able to print larger files than they ever have before.The world’s biggest printer company, MakerBot, announced Thursday that it will begin offering the software-based printer at select […]

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