By the end of this year, it is likely that all of the crypto currencies will be more expensive than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, according to research by digital asset firm Digital Asset Intelligence.

That said, there is a gap in the pricing between the two most common cryptocurrencies, according the research firm.

“The gap between Bitcoin and Ethereum is the largest since the inception of crypto-currencies,” said Nikhil N. Pandya, chief investment officer of digital asset asset firm DigixGlobal.

“There is a price gap between these two coins, which we call the Litecoin and Bitcoin gap.”

They are both well established and highly liquid.””

Litecoin and Ethereum are among the most valuable crypto currencies.

They are both well established and highly liquid.”

In the past year, Litecoin prices have risen sharply, hitting an all-time high of $1,000 last week, while Ethereum prices have also risen significantly, hitting a record high of over $5,000 in early June.

According to Digix, there are over 100 altcoins out there, and Digix Global estimates there are more than 30 million people that hold them.

The average price of one altcoin is currently $0.25.

“It is important to understand that the price of the altcoin can be influenced by factors beyond its actual value,” Pandya said.

“In general, it can be very difficult to tell which altcoin will outperform the one that is currently trading.”

Bitcoin prices rose in late July, hitting their highest price in nearly six months.

However, Digix has not seen a dramatic change in the value of Bitcoin.

The price of Bitcoin is currently around $8,400.

The gap in price between the most popular crypto currencies has become so large that some users are calling it a Bitcoin bubble.

“I think this is a very dangerous bubble, a crypto-bubble,” said Josh Kroll, chief executive of Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex.

“The price is artificially high, and it’s getting to the point where the Bitcoin price is basically trading at $10,000 per coin.”

Kroll added that he was willing to accept the fact that the cryptocurrency will eventually crash.

“But I do think that there will eventually be a moment where we are going to see a correction, and that correction is going to be more drastic than the bubble we saw earlier in the year,” he said.

Pandya said that he thinks the crypto-currency bubble is just the beginning.

“There will be a tipping point,” he predicted.

“And then the next price crash will be really severe.”

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