Google’s Google Glass camera is a killer product

By RICHARD MCCALLENPublished November 12, 2017 05:22:13Google’s Google Home, the company’s self-contained smart speaker, is getting the attention of the tech world after the makers of the device announced it would be available to buy through Google’s online store.Google Glass, a wearable device that allows people to take pictures and video from a smartphone or tablet, has been in the […]

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New business model: Framed Prints

3d Printing, the rapidly evolving market for 3d printed goods, has a growing market opportunity.With the adoption of digital printing technology, businesses can make larger quantities of their products, and also capture more of their customers’ attention.The new business model, by which businesses print products from digital files, enables them to capture more revenue and expand their businesses, according to […]

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How to make a lion print a postcard

By now, you’ve probably noticed the popularity of lion print pens and leopard print vans.While the former has been around for decades, the latter has only recently entered the mainstream, with the first commercial use occurring back in the mid-2000s.Today, the lion print pen has found its way into almost every home decor, from vintage wallpapers to trendy coffee table […]

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