Photo Prints: How Cheap Canvas Prints Make a Difference

The new printing technology is being used in places like Germany, Austria and Canada, but it is also being used by designers in the United States.And a new patent filing shows that these new printers can also be used for printing images that have been digitally manipulated, like images of your dog that were scanned in a pet shop.In the […]

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How to get cheap photo-print prints from the grocery store at the dollar store

Cheap photo-prints are a great way to show your friends you love them and have lots of patience.If you have to go grocery shopping, just get a bunch of them and hang them on the wall.This article shows you how.If the price of a photo-printed photo-card is not what you’re after, you can still get prints for your birthday, wedding, […]

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How a 4D printer saved me $5,000 and more in the process

My job is to design, manufacture, and ship a high-tech filament printer.I have a couple of clients who are interested in a print for a particular product, and so I have to design and manufacture the printer.This is a challenging job, but I’ve learned that it is an opportunity that I could not turn down.I’m a bit of a geek, […]

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