By RICHARD MCCALLENPublished November 12, 2017 05:22:13Google’s Google Home, the company’s self-contained smart speaker, is getting the attention of the tech world after the makers of the device announced it would be available to buy through Google’s online store.

Google Glass, a wearable device that allows people to take pictures and video from a smartphone or tablet, has been in the works for a while.

Now the company is making it available for pre-order.

It comes in a number of colors and styles including black, white, red, blue, green, and yellow, and can also record video.

The device has been popular with people wanting to capture pictures and take video on their own, but not for everyone.

Google is also introducing a number new features for the device.

First off, the Google Home will be able to be used with the Google Cardboard app on Android devices.

This is an app that lets people use a smartphone to capture a 360-degree video, then take a photo of it, or upload it to Facebook for others to view.

The Google Cardbook app will be available for Android devices through the Google Play store starting today.

It will allow users to use the Google app on the home’s display, and it will also show images and video in a Google Card app.

It’s not clear if the card will work on Google Home or on the Google Glass.

Secondly, Google Home can be used to create an “app” that can be shared with friends and family, or even send a text message.

Thirdly, the device can be connected to a Google Assistant, which will help you organize your life.

Fourthly, Google says it will be rolling out a new voice assistant called Google Assistant for Google Home in the coming months.

The feature will include a feature called “personalization,” which will allow people to add their own voice commands, like “say hello,” “play music,” and more.

Fifthly, a number features for Google Glass will be added to the Google store in the near future, including the ability to use Google Assistant to help you read or listen to podcasts, and the ability for users to customize the appearance of their Glass displays.

Sixth, a new feature called the Google Assistant on Google Glass can be set to alert users when something unexpected happens in the world, like an unexpected call from the government or the loss of their cell phone.

The Google Home was originally announced as a way for people to share photos, videos, and text with their family and friends, and Google said it would not be launching Glass without some kind of Google Assistant.

However, many people have criticized Google for going ahead and making Glass available without Google Assistant support.

It also has been criticized for launching the device without any sort of camera.

The company’s new Glass product is similar to the Apple Watch, the most popular wearable device on the market, but the company has been careful not to copy Apple’s products and to focus on its own brand.

Google is also using its Android platform to make Glass available to the wider Google user base.

The company is also releasing new Glass products in the form of smart home products.

Google Glass is not the first smart speaker that Google is launching, but it is the first one to be available on the company website.

The Amazon Echo speaker is available for sale through Amazon for $199, and there is also a pair of Google Home speakers for $349.

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