Google Home is set to become the new home printer that lets you print 3d-printed house cards, the company has said.

The company is planning to launch a new version of its Google Home that will allow users to print home cards from an existing 3D-printed home, rather than a cardboard box.

Google Home is an Apple TV-like speaker that can record audio through your speakers.

The speakers are built on a new, cheaper silicon and the hardware is compatible with Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and MacBooks.

The Google Home device will come with an app that lets users create a 3D model of their home.

The new version will have more flexible features and a built-in “Print to Clipboard” function, which will let users create and print 3D files from a single 3D print file, Google said.

This feature will allow you to create 3D models from a print file or even add your own content to your model, Google added.

Users will also be able to add the Google Home app to a Google account and the printer will be accessible on any computer or smart phone, allowing users to create the 3D objects and print them on a home computer, the Google app said.

“With the new Google Home, you can print and share your home with your friends, family and neighbors, with the simple click of a button,” Google said in a blog post.

“Plus, Google Home gives you a way to print your home’s design from anywhere you are, whether you have an Internet connection or not.”

Google Home will also support 3D printing of home and garden walls, as well as printing out items such as walls, ceilings and floors, the blog post said.

Google also said it would provide users with more advanced tools for 3D modeling, such as a model viewer for easy access to 3D printer models.

Google has previously worked with designers to make its devices compatible with 3D printers, with many of its printers including the Google Play Store and the Google Cardboard app.

Google announced earlier this month it was launching a $200 million fund to help it expand its home printing capabilities.

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