By Alex Brandon/The Washington PostBy Alex BrandonPublished July 11, 2018 12:38AM EDTMore than a dozen print jobs have been lost at The Washington State University newspaper since the newspaper’s new owner, the Seattle-based Komo Media Group, announced plans to shutter the newspaper in July.

The layoffs, which include more than 50 full-time jobs, will affect The Washington Statesman, The Herald, the newspaper business section of the university’s paper of record and other regional print businesses.

The news comes as the university prepares to move into a new headquarters in Seattle and hire hundreds of employees.

The newspaper’s circulation has plummeted since its previous owner, Komo, announced in October that it would close the paper’s print edition.

The loss of jobs at The Seattle Times and Herald has left The Washington Student Press Club, which publishes student newspaper The Herald and is a supporter of The Washington Press Club’s newspaper, with little financial support from Komo.

The club has no plans to renew the contracts of any current print employees, said club president Mike Schmitz.

He said The Washington Students Press Club is working with The Washington Sun on a plan to provide additional support for its newspaper’s print workers.

Komo Media’s announcement was announced in a news release on Thursday by a company spokesperson.

Komo announced plans in July to close The Washington News, which is owned by the Seattle Times.

The newsroom at the newspaper is expected to be sold in the next several weeks, Komo said.

In a statement, The Washington University System said it is reviewing the news release to ensure that it was not mischaracterized.

In response to the news, KOMO said it will review the release “to ensure that the full extent of the company’s impact on the University community and our students and staff is fully understood.”

“We will be working closely with The News in the weeks ahead to support the paper and the staff,” the statement said.

The Washington Student Council said it has already started discussing ways to support future print jobs.

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