How to print from your iphoned device without a computer?

In the wake of the shooting at the Capitol, a number of popular products are now sold in the U.S. by “sla printers.”These printers are portable and allow people to print on an iPad or iPhone.But they’re not compatible with all of Apple’s popular software and products.You can still use some of the most popular apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and […]

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The ‘Bubble’ Is Now a ‘Ribbon’ at Google+ for All, All-in-One Device

The Google+ bubble has grown a little bigger.The first thing you notice is that it’s bigger.In fact, it looks bigger than the original bubble.The Google+ Google+ user base is now more than 100 million strong, but the original Google bubble was just about 3.5 million people strong. The Google bubble has ballooned to about 7 million in the last year, and […]

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