How to print a 3D printer with Prusa 3D Printer

The Prusa model 3D printing machine is a high-end piece of hardware that is used for making objects from metal, plastics, or other materials.It is the first 3D-printed object to be offered in Australia and it is a great addition to the country’s booming 3D manufacturing sector.Prusa 3Ds are now available from several suppliers including Shapeways, 3D Systems, and MakerBot.The […]

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Prusa 3D printer is not for everyone

With the arrival of Prusa’s latest, the Prusa i3, many people have been eagerly awaiting a 3D-printed desktop.But, as it turns out, there are plenty of people who aren’t ready to give up on 3D printing entirely.The Prusa team says that the new Prusa printer is perfect for a range of applications, and that the printer will work for all […]

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Prusa 3D printer: I’ll try it on a bike

The first Prusa i3 is finally here.It was one of the most expensive 3D printers available for sale in 2017, and its price tag of $1,399, $1,-299 less than most other machines at the time, was a bit steep.In fact, it came in at $1.29, more than half of the cheapest machines available for $999.The Prusa has a new, lighter […]

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