What you need to know about Linotype and its upcoming new desktop printer, the Pixel-Series

Now Playing: Microsoft has a new line of Xbox 360 consoles, and it’s one of the most powerful and advanced on the market Now Playing : Microsoft is launching a new desktop PC with Intel chips for $799 Now Playing (Warning: Some content contains coarse language.)Now Playing Google has updated its Android OS to be the fastest Android OS on […]

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How to use your printed PDFs to make a card with your dog

A lot of people have been making their own printed PDF files for their dogs, but there are a few important steps to take to get started.1.Make a PDF file in a different format for your dog.2.Choose the right file type.3.Create a PDF for your PDFs.4.Print the file and see how the file looks.5.If you have a photo of your […]

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