How 3D printing is changing the way we build things and why you should care

By now, you’ve probably heard of 3D printers.But are you familiar with the technology behind them?Here’s a quick primer on what 3D technology is and how it can make our everyday lives more convenient and exciting.1.The term 3D refers to a variety of materials that are 3D printed.3D scanning, or 3D Printing, is a process that produces 3D images of […]

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How to make a USB wireless printer with your Android smartphone

The basics of making a wireless printer are fairly straightforward: plug the phone into the computer, and voila!A USB wireless USB hub.This is pretty much the same as what you’ll be doing with a regular USB printer.You can make a wireless USB printer with an Android smartphone, though, and it’s even simpler. How to make your own wireless printer How to […]

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