The makers of a free 3D-printing app have launched an online store in the hopes of raising money for an orphanage in the Philippines, a development that could help the poor and orphaned children of the region.

The FreePrints3D app is the brainchild of an American-born entrepreneur named Daniel Nolte.

It’s available on the Google Play Store, and the company says it’s the first 3D printing app in the world to have a US office.

Nolte says the app, which is open to anyone, helps children in need around the world by allowing them to print a free, reusable version of their favorite items.

He’s partnered with the World Development Fund, which provides funding to orphanages, and aims to raise $100,000 to help pay for the orphanage’s needs.

The charity has raised more than $1.3 million for the project, which will run for a year and is aimed at providing supplies and supplies for those who need it most.

In an interview with ABC News, Noltes said the orphans will be able to print objects that are similar to those they can buy at the local supermarket, but with the aid of the app.

“If you’re in the US and you buy a cupcake, it’s not going to come out of your cupcake box,” Nolts said.

“If you print a cup cake out, it’ll come out on your printer.”

FreePrints has raised nearly $2 million in donations since its launch, Nodles said.

The app was first released in 2011.

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