Nintendo has revealed its next generation of gaming consoles and Nintendo 3D TVs, and the 3DS family has been on a tear over the last few months.

The latest iteration of the handheld console boasts a 3D image, and its upcoming 3D movies and TV shows have also gone full 3D, but Nintendo hasn’t shared a lot about what that means yet.

Now, Nintendo has shared a few more details on its next-gen gaming console.

The 3DS Family is set to launch on March 31st, 2017.

The console will be available for $399.99, and will feature 4GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and a Wi-Fi connectivity option.

There will also be 3D-capable 3D glasses, but it’s unclear if those will be 3Ds or glasses that can take 3D images.

The new 3DS will also feature an HDMI port, and it will feature Wi-fi and 3G connectivity.

The console will come in a number of different colors, with the most notable being black and red.

Nintendo is also announcing that a new console will also launch on May 21st, which will be the successor to the Nintendo 3ds.

Nintendo will unveil a new 3ds version of the 3ds on May 22nd, but there hasn’t been any official word on that yet.

Nintendo has also confirmed that it will be bringing back the Nintendo Wii U console.

This console will have a price tag of $299.99.

The Nintendo Wii will have the same 2GB RAM and 1TB HDD as the 3d version of this console, but will also come with 3D games.

The Wii U will also have an Ethernet port, an SD card slot, and USB ports, but these features are not confirmed.

There’s also a lot of talk around Nintendo 3Ds.

Earlier this month, Nintendo announced that a Nintendo 3d glasses prototype would be coming to stores on June 30th.

This is a product that is said to work with the Nintendo NX, and this will likely be a successor to Nintendo 3.

It’s not known whether this 3d project will be able to be released in North America, Europe, or Japan.

Nintendo has also been releasing a number video games featuring 3d technology, including Pokémon Sun and Moon, Fire Emblem Heroes, and more.

The 3d Nintendo 3s will be a very interesting addition to the series.

The third iteration of this series was announced back in 2015, and we can expect more 3ds and 3ds-compatible games to be announced in the near future.

Nintendo recently announced that the Wii U was going to be the next generation console, and now we finally have a new version of that console.

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