When a photograph taken of President Donald Trump on a beach in Japan was recently circulated on social media, many were left wondering what went wrong.

The image shows a smiling Trump standing in front of a group of Japanese people.

It is widely seen as an example of the President’s charm, and has been shared widely.

But as it has been widely shared, the photograph has been warped, and the words “fracture” and “fart” have been added to it.

Some were quick to point out that this image has been taken by a Japanese photographer, and that the words were added to the photo by the Japanese photographer.

“What’s wrong with this image?

This picture has never been taken before by a photographer in Japan,” said a user on Twitter.

Others, however, were less sanguine.

“The word ‘fart’ is not a word in Japanese, but it’s common to hear people using it in the West, so what’s the problem?,” tweeted @Amber_Bennett_Goes.

“It’s just a photo taken in Japan, what’s wrong?” said @larry_marshall.

“The words ‘f***ing f***er’ is in a Japanese photo, and I have never seen it in a photo I’ve seen before.

So it’s definitely not the fault of the photographer, is it?”

One person on Twitter was even less forgiving.

“Why is the word ‘d***’ written on a picture of PresidentTrump?” wrote @sarah_hudson.

“Why the f*** does this photo have a word written on it?

I am not saying that a Japanese is a racist.

I am saying that this is a photo of a Japanese who knows how to use a camera,” she continued.

Another user on the social media site also suggested that the word “f***” could be a reference to Trump himself.

“What about the word f***?” wrote a user named jessica.

“I am not sure if that is a reference or not, but I have no idea what the fuck it is,” she wrote.

While many have been upset at the photo’s recent spread, others are not.

“I think it’s just an innocent mistake, and it wasn’t intentional,” wrote @taylor_cameron.

“People like me who love Trump and have been paying attention to his tweets are so sick and tired of seeing him use the word, ‘f****r,’ and it has a negative connotation to it, so why is it acceptable?”

Some also have been outraged by Trump’s use of the word in the past.

“Trump has been using the word a lot, including during his presidential campaign,” wrote one user.

“When he was a candidate, he was caught on video saying ‘f**k the media’ and ‘f*ck’ other candidates.

It’s not even a word you would say to someone who doesn’t know you,” another user tweeted.”

If the word was a slur, why not remove the word?

I’d like to see Trump take this as an opportunity to apologize for the hurt he has caused the people of the U.S. over the years,” tweeted another.”

We are all human beings, so it’s not something you can just make up, and use in your own political propaganda,” @travis_j_decker wrote.

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