Canon is looking to make a splash at home, and the company’s new $400,000 3D printer will do just that.

The company announced the printer at its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, on Wednesday, touting the device as “the next generation of home 3D printers”.

While the company says the printer is based on HP’s current line of printer products, the printer has the potential to be a major hit with consumers.

Canon says the Canon 3D Printer will be the first home 3d-printing machine to offer both hardware and software compatibility, making it easy for home users to add their own functionality to the printer.

“The new Canon 3d Printer has a powerful new 3D-printer technology, but it’s also a whole new set of printers that we’ve never really been able to use before,” said David McDonough, Canon’s executive vice president of business development and manufacturing.

“What’s exciting is that it’s a really flexible technology.”

“This printer allows you to make all kinds of things, from drawings and 3D models to artwork, and even 3D printed parts for you and your kids.”

The new printer is built using the company, HP, MakerBot and 3d printing company iRobot.

HP’s existing 3D printing technology is also featured in the new printer, as is the company of 3D artist and former Microsoft CTO Dan Golding.

Canon’s 3D Printers were first introduced in 2006, but the company has yet to offer a printer for home use.

The printer comes with a range of software that can be downloaded to the computer, allowing users to create and customize their own 3D objects.

The printer can print to a variety of printers including metal, ceramic and glass, but Canon says it also has plans to add new types of 3d printers to the home market in the future.

The new machine also has an internal 3D scanner that can scan objects up to 3,000×3,000 in size, Canon says.

Users can also customize their printer by choosing their own hardware and adding their own software.

The Canon 3rd Printer is available for pre-order now, and will ship to the general public on February 16.

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