What you need to know about the $1.2 trillion debt limit bill that passed the Senate on Thursday

The House voted on Thursday to extend the federal debt limit for the first time since 2012, raising the nation’s borrowing limit for another year and allowing it to rise for the next four years.The Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday to pass the measure, and the measure is now headed to President Donald Trump’s desk.This bill was rushed through Congress this […]

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How to get your $50 Amazon Kindle book on a 3D printer

Amazon, Apple, Google, and Amazon have been making waves lately.With the launch of their new 3D printers, they’ve made a big splash with new books and accessories.But what about a new type of print shop?I recently attended the opening of the 3D printing space in New York City’s Chinatown.The space, called Chinatown Books, is a 3-D printing and book publishing […]

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