How to make a photo printer out of your Macbook Pro

How to build a photo printing app on your Mac?Here’s how to do it.With a Macbook Air and a few simple tricks, you can now make your Mac a photo print shop with ease.Here’s how it worksStep 1: Download the Photo Prints appStep 2: Connect your Mac to your computerStep 3: Open the PhotoPrints app in FinderStep 4: Tap the […]

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Louis Vuitton: Canon Prints Available for 3D Printing

Louis Vuites latest print is now available for 3d printing.The print has a black background and has a small print on top of it.The printer can print on paper, wood, or metal.It can also print on silicone or glass.If you’re looking to add a little flair to your prints, the printer also has an ink refill option.The Louis Vuits printer […]

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