What to know about the Polaroid Polaroid camera on Google’s new ‘polaro’ smart camera

The Google-owned camera business has been selling its Polaroid smart camera business to Apple for $US1 billion in cash, sources have told Bloomberg.The deal was announced in an investor presentation last week to the Chinese media conglomerate Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, the sources said.The news comes as Google is set to launch its new Polaroid Photovision camera with a $US500 […]

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‘I was not in a place to make a decision’: Woman accuses former employee of harassment

An attorney for a former employee who claims he harassed her says the woman was in a “very vulnerable position” and she had no choice but to file a sexual harassment claim against the employee.The woman says she was working for a law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area in late 2015 when her then-boss, who is still with […]

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