In a recent article on, a company called ZebraPrints was introduced by former CEO Eric Kohn, a self-described “geek and artist.”

The company’s zebra print-making technology makes it possible to create beautiful canvases using standard printer cartridges that use a standard digital printing process.

“The zebracode process is a great way to make an image out of the same material as the object itself,” Kohn wrote.

“This is a common process for digital images, but it’s a lot more complicated when you want to make a canvas out of metal.

There are no inkjet cartridges available to make these kinds of canvases, so you have to do it with something that can actually be printed on.”

In addition to creating images out of canvas, Zebra prints have also been used in a number of other ways, including to print jewelry, to make posters, and to create posters from vinyl.

“Zebra printing is a really cool way to create art for you, and it’s also a really great way for your art project to come out,” Kanae Kanahema, founder of KanaHema, told Wired.

“There’s a ton of great opportunities here.”

KanaHEma also added that there is an existing business model that uses a variety of print technologies to make artwork, including vinyl, paper, and inkjet printing.

The Zebra printer can print any of these materials and it works by first creating a pattern of colors.

Then, it uses a scanning laser to create a pattern that is then scanned into a ceramic plate and cut into a thin sheet.

The sheet is then deposited onto a zebra-printed canvas, which is then painted.

The artist then prints on the canvas using a paintbrush.

The final result is an image that is essentially a digital copy of the canvas.

“You can make any kind of print you want,” Koahema said.

“It’s just about having a specific pattern that you can make on a canvas.”

Zebra printers are currently available for about $50.

The company says that the technology has already been used by several clients, including the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

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