A little crochet hook and some patience are all you need to make beautiful wall art.

This is a quick, easy and fun tutorial on how to make an easy, but easy-to-make, wall art print.


Hook and Stitch The most important thing is to have enough yarn.

To do this, you will need one skein of Worsted weight yarn, two needles, and a crochet hook.

Make a long chain, and make a loop in the chain, as shown in the picture above.

This will hold the crochet hook while you crochet.

If you are using a hook with a hook gauge of 4.5mm, you can just make a couple of loops on each side of the hook.

If not, make a chain, one loop on each end of the chain.

Now, fold the yarn over in half, making sure that the back loops of the stitches form a triangle.

You will now be left with a loop of yarn, as seen in the photo above.

Using your crochet hook, make two loops on the loop you just made.

These loops will hold your crochet hooks, and the crochet stitches.


Crochet the Chain The next step is to crochet the chain from the front loops of your looped chain.

The chain you crochet from is called the “chain”.

You will crochet a loop from the beginning of the loop, and repeat the process to make the second loop.

Repeat the process for each loop.

You now have a row of crochet stitches on your hook, which is called a “chain” and you can crochet as many loops as you like.


Crocheting the Chain, two loops Crochet around the loop that you just crocheted.

This time, you only crochet one loop.


Croching the Chain Three loops will be needed to complete the second chain, so crochet one more time to complete your first chain.


Croch the Chain One more time, and crochet the second and third loops, as they are shown in this picture.


Croched the Chain Now you have a single chain, which you can attach to the outside of the piece.


Attaching the Wall Art Print Using the chain you just completed, attach the crochet pattern to the wall art piece.

I used a simple crochet hook to attach it to my canvas print, and my crochet hook was attached with a crochet loop.

This tutorial will teach you how to crochet a single crocheting hook with different sizes of yarn.

The tutorial will also show you how easy it is to attach a crochet-hook to your crochet work.

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