A new type of printing system has come to the Holy Mountain printing market.

The Holy Mountain Printing Company of Australia has a monopoly on the business.

It’s the first time a printing company has entered into a new market.

“We’ve seen the market grow tremendously, so we really wanted to create a new product, so to speak, and we think that that’s a good idea,” says Shane Stirling.

Stirling’s company, Holy Mountain Press, is a small print shop with three employees in a house on the outskirts of Perth.

He’s been printing and distributing printing plates to customers for a year.

“In the last three months, we’ve sold about 300 print plates,” he says.

Holy Mountain is the brainchild of Shane Stirlings son, Sam, a printer who is a member of the printing community.

Sam is a veteran of the industry.

He’s been working in printmaking since his early teens and says he’s always wanted to print.

“I’ve always loved the process of printing, I’ve always been interested in the art of it,” he said.

“You can really make anything out of a printer, and I’ve been doing it for quite a while.”

When I started printing, it was very important for me to make something that was fun to do, so I really wanted something that could be printed and have some sort of aesthetic appeal.

“Holy Mountain’s business model has its limitations.

Stirling says they need to make a few changes to keep up with demand.”

To do that we need to start making a lot more plates, but we can’t do that without the printers,” he explains.”

Because we’re all so busy, it’s difficult to keep them up to date, and so we have to take a look at how we can offer the most for our customers.

“Stirling says printing is a long-term proposition.”

Our print plates are going to last us for a very long time, so if we don’t get to a point where we’re printing a million print plates per day, then the cost of the plate will just be too much,” he explained.”

So we have an option of being a small business, but I think that’s not sustainable.

“Holy Mount has been a pioneer in printing.”

It’s been really exciting to see people come into the printing business, so it’s exciting to be a part of it, it just makes me feel really good to be in it, and it just means a lot of hard work,” he concludes.

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