Posted by Andrew Houghton in News | Comments Off on How to Print the Large Camouflage Print on an Ecotank (from a ecotanks) article Posted on November 13, 2018 07:59:18 It’s no secret that I like to be able to take pictures of things in the wild.

But, being a huge photographer and having a keen eye for detail, I was happy to have a big collection of photos that I could share with you.

As you can see from my gallery above, there are a few photos of my own from the field that I have put together.

This post is going to show you how to print an ecocutank (ecotanks are made of plastic, and they are designed to be flexible, so they can be used to print large prints, in particular).

I am not going to be giving you exact instructions, just give you a good idea of what you need to do.

First, make sure you have a suitable template for your ecotanking.

I used the template for my ECOTANK B2, which is made of a thick plastic sheet.

Make sure you take it out of the box when you get it.

You may also want to take a photo of the template, and print it off.

Next, you will need to use the template to print out your images.

For this tutorial, I chose to print two images from the template.

First I printed the template in the image format of EPS, and then in a more standard colour.

Then I printed it in CMYK, and finally in B&W.

I then used the Ecotanks in-store in my home studio to create the large print, and I also included a few other images from my camera.

If you would like to print your own large print of this, you can find a few templates and instructions here.

You can find the full instructions for printing an ecottek here.


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