Apple is offering printer cartridges that it says can save money for the company, but is printing more books than books because the printer cartridges cost more to produce.

The company is charging $60 for a single printer cartridge versus $10 for a dozen or so in the market, according to an Axios report.

The price difference comes as Apple is facing pressure from publishers and publishers are calling for a price cut.

Apple and other publishers have been pushing hard for publishers to stop charging for books, saying it increases the cost of the product.

Apple has been the biggest beneficiary, as the company prints a large share of its devices.

Apple has also pushed hard to bring in more people, especially millennials, to produce its products.

Apple says that in 2019, it will increase the number of AppleCare+ members to 8 million from 6 million.

The price of a printer cartridge can vary widely.

The average price of Apple’s printer cartridges is $14.70, according the report.

Apple said it will reduce the price of its printers by $10 in 2020, but it will also continue to increase the price per printer cartridge by $2, up from $1.50.

The news comes just days after Apple said that it would cut the price on its Mac Pro line of computers by $1,000.

The announcement came on the same day that Amazon announced that it was cutting its retail prices on its new Fire tablets and new Fire TV sets.

Apple said in a blog post that it had to cut prices to compete in the rapidly changing world of cloud computing.

Apple was previously in the midst of a price war with Amazon.

Amazon, meanwhile, has been charging more for books than it does for software, and has been selling fewer books than Apple.

Apple is now the largest book publisher, with more than 100,000 titles in print, according Amazon.

The publisher also has over 4,000 books available online.

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