3-D printers can make a pretty decent plastic.

But it can also produce metal objects that aren’t actually metal, such as ice.

That’s what some of the NHL teams are trying to figure out as they look for a way to make their ice surfaces feel more solid.

“The problem with our current method is that we don’t have the right material to make our ice surface feel really solid,” said Craig Murray, the director of the National Hockey League’s Ice Research Laboratory.

“So what we’re trying to do is to try to create a material that we can put on our ice surfaces and have that feel really, really solid.”

In the NHL, it’s important to have solid ice surfaces for players to skate on.

But there’s a tradeoff: It means ice needs to be cooled off at a steady pace, something teams have struggled to do in recent years.

That means the players need to wear protective gear that can help cool down the ice.

That’s where the Sublimation Printing Machine comes in.

It’s a plastic-based extrusion machine that’s designed to produce the right amount of ice, even when temperatures are rising.

The Sublimating Machine can print solid plastic at temperatures of up to 466 degrees Fahrenheit.

The machine works like this: It’s like a metal 3-axis printer that uses liquid nitrogen to extrude plastic.

It then uses a laser to melt and extrude that plastic.

That plastic is then poured into a mold, which is heated and the plastic is melted and extruded again.

The process takes about 10 minutes, which means it’s quick enough to make a 3-inch layer of ice.

But the team behind the Sub-Lite machine says it can make ice that feels solid even at high temperatures, which would make it ideal for ice surfaces that have to be made feel solid at a certain temperature.

Murray said that while he’s been testing out the Sublite machine, he’s seen that the team has been able to make ice with just a few layers of material on its ice surface.

The process was tested on a surface with just two layers of plastic, and the team was able to get an ice surface that felt very solid.

The Sublimator printer can print a wide range of different materials.

The sublimation machine could make ice like this.

This is what the Sublime Machine looks like after it’s heated up.

The metal part is in the middle.

Sublimation printers have been used for years to produce some of ice’s biggest hits: ice cubes, hockey sticks, hockey pucks, and even ice cream.

But this is the first time the NHL is trying to make an ice material that feels real.

The teams are also using sublimating machines for other things like snowboarding and ice resurfacing.

But if this is all going to work out for the teams, it might be too early to tell if the technology will really be ready to be used in the NHL.

It would require the teams to invest in additional equipment to get the machines up and running, and to have the ice sheets themselves tested to make sure they would actually work in a real-world setting.

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