By now you’ve probably heard that printing from your smartphone is pretty darn easy, and the new Apple Watch app has a lot of nifty new tricks up its sleeve.

And while you can use an app like Lightroom to create a print-ready iPhone photo, the app also supports printing directly from an iPhone camera.

And it’s all done with Apple’s new laser printer, the new Papercraft Laser. 

We got to try out the Papercraft, which is a nifty new feature for printing from an Apple Watch.

To print from the PaperCraft Laser, you just press the “Print” button on the iPhone, select the photo, and you’re done.

The Apple Watch also has a dedicated button to open a gallery, which lets you quickly preview your print-quality photo from the camera roll.

And you can customize the photo with text and graphics, and print directly from your camera roll, too.

The new PaperCraft laser is basically a much more powerful laser printer than the one we used to print photos from a phone.

It has a built-in sensor, and it can shoot and print at different speeds and angles, and also can print on any material.

You can use it to print the same photo at different angles and in different colors.

But this is a new feature that’s only available to Papercraft customers, so we weren’t able to try it out.

The Papercraft laser printer is available in a few different colors, including white, blue, green, and red, and they’re all pretty nice.

We tried the white laser and the blue one, and we both got a really nice color photo, but it’s the red laser that did it the best.

We found that the red one would print at a much faster speed than the white one.

The other options were a bit more laborious, and were a little less accurate.

But once you get the hang of it, it’s really, really easy to print a photo with the Paper Craft Laser.

You just have to be careful, and not get your fingers and thumb touching the print area.

But it’s a great feature.

You print from an iOS device, and then you print from Apple’s Camera app on the watch.

The app then automatically moves the image to the Watch’s Gallery. 

The app also comes with a built in timer that will display how long it will take for your print to print, and how many seconds it takes to complete the print.

The timer can also be used to track your print progress.

If you’re a fan of paper art, you might want to download the PaperPrint app and start printing off those colorful Apple Watch photos.

But we’ve got a whole list of great apps and websites that will let you do all that with your Apple Watch in the future.

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