Posted November 04, 2019 09:14:00A few months ago, we reported that the new laser printer in the US was set to make its debut in the country, and now the US has the LaserJet 3D printer to boot.

We asked the company why the printer was coming to the United States, and it provided us with a statement:As of today, the Laserjet 3D printing platform is now available in the United State.

As we stated before, the company is currently in talks with several companies to launch the first batch of printers in the state, including Canon, HP, MakerBot, and other manufacturers.

LaserJet 3d printer, 3D printed by a company called LAPID, has a maximum printing capacity of 1,000 millimeters.

We asked the LAPIDS team if they had plans to expand this to more, but they simply replied, “We do not have plans to.”

The company also noted that the printer’s filament was sourced from a supplier that is not affiliated with Canon, which we think is a good sign.

The company noted that it is currently building a network of factories in the states and has plans to do more in the future.

The company states that it plans to be in the USA by 2020, and will have over 100,000 printers in production by then.

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