Printable iPhone and iPod software to add your favourite news, images and videos to your devices.

Read More , the app was designed to allow users to access the same content on their computers as they do on their mobile phones, which was the main difference between them.

With a subscription model, Apple’s software allows users to pay a monthly fee to access news content, or subscribe for one-time payments for multiple titles.

The company also offers a free service that lets users download news and photos from the website and then print them out on their smartphones.

“Apple has taken great steps to bring you the best content for you, and we know it can be hard to keep up with the latest news,” said Mark Smith, CEO of news platform Digital Trends.

“We’ve been able to provide this for you for the past year, so it’s only fitting that we now share this content with you.”

The new service, called iBooks, also has the option to print digital books, which can be downloaded to a device, or print from a local printer.

“With this app, you can print your own digital books on your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad, which you can then share to your friends, family and colleagues,” it added.Read more:

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