Which is better? Screen printing kit or a printer?

The brother printer is the ultimate ink-jet printer for you, but there are plenty of other options to get the job done.The cheapest inkjet printer on the market is the Brother Paper, which is available for as little as $40 (£26).But there are cheaper alternatives that can print better quality, such as the Brother Projet, which costs $60 (£39).And then […]

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Why you need a screen printing kit, why you need an LCD screen printer, and how to install a laser printer

article A new product is making its way into the hands of some sports fans.The SportBible is a laser-printed screen printing tool that allows you to make your own screen-printing kit and print on a wide variety of fabrics.The product is now available for preorder, and the specs are impressive.It includes a printer with a laser scanner that allows the […]

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