The Department of Health and Human Services is asking Congress for $2.5 billion in new printing money to help its printers print its ObamaCare health care exchange subsidies, but some Republican lawmakers are skeptical of the money’s appropriateness.

The government has been spending more than $3 billion to buy printer parts and equipment in anticipation of ObamaCare subsidies.

However, lawmakers say it should not be the primary way to distribute the money.

“We’ve been telling them for months that they need to be able to print the subsidy paper,” said Sen. Rob Portman Robert (Rob) JonesPortman says it would be ‘disgraceful’ if Senate approves spending bill without ObamaCare funding for printersThe president’s healthcare law has been criticized by Republicans for costing taxpayers millions in subsidies.

That has made some Republicans wary of providing the subsidy money directly.

Some Democrats have also questioned the appropriatess of the subsidies.

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