Microsoft is getting serious about the idea of making its next smartphone more snake-proof.

The company just unveiled a pair of snake print rubber boots designed to make users feel as if they’re wearing a full-body suit. 

The boots are made of a blend of rubber and nylon, and are designed to be comfortable, while keeping the wearer’s body shape. 

“The new Microsoft snake print boot is the first in a series of snake-print boots that Microsoft is rolling out to help make its next-generation Windows 10 phones more secure,” the company said in a blog post today.

“To help make our next-gen devices more secure, we’re also rolling out a series to make the next-class, snake-printed Windows 10 phone even more comfortable and comfortable for users.” 

The company also said the boot would come in black, white and orange. 

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has announced a snake print-inspired phone.

In August, the company launched a line of snake prints for its next generation Surface tablet.

Microsoft also teased a black, snake print variant of the Surface Pro 3 in June.

Microsoft says it expects to sell 2.5 million snake print smartphones by 2020, with a projected market size of 1.7 billion units.

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